About Us

breathe. love. play.

For us, these words are as much a mantra as a team name. This mantra reminds us to be conscious of the present moment, to focus on what really matters, and to always remember that life is supposed to be fun!

When our core team members fell in love with essential oils back in 2009, the farthest thing from our minds was selling them. We had families, jobs, pets, hobbies, and the challenge of living a healthy, natural lifestyle. Top that off with our common goal of trying to live a mindful life amidst the chaos, and well, there’s not enough lavender to diffuse, is there?

So, for years, our affections and collections of oils grew, and we came to depend upon them for everything from vicious spring allergies to the bumps, bruises, and tummy aches of raising little ones. Then, we started to see opportunities to help others – a friend suffering from migraines, a nephew with eczema, an aunt having a terrible time with hot flashes. When those suggestions work, it’s no surprise our friends and family want to order their own oils.

It’s safe to say – we didn’t intend to join a direct sales company. But as the oils kept selling themselves, it seemed insane not to. Most likely, that’s why you’re here. And if that’s the case, we’re delighted to have you join our team!

We’re all about letting relationships evolve naturally – no spammy, sales pitching, and no phony business claims. We care about helping you learn how to responsibly use plant-based medicine to support your family’s health, (one of our core members is a Master Herbalist). And we are committed to helping you build your business responsibly.

If you haven’t already joined this amazing team, you can sign up to become a member here.